Ben Simmons makes history with triple-double in game four victory

Ben Simmons made history in game four of the playoffs in the first round.

Ben Simmons triple-double makes him, “the first rookie to record a playoff triple-double since Magic Johnson (1980),” according to a tweet by Bleacher Report. This playoff triple-double places Simmons in history with other prominent players. This wasn’t any easy task to post these numbers, seventeen points, thirteen rebounds, and ten assists. Recording these numbers in the playoffs shows viewers that Ben Simmons and Philadelphia 76ers future is positive.

They have a high ceiling. Simmons skill set assists in giving his team a variety of options on half-court sets. For example, his court vision allows him to show off his passing ability when he isn’t pressed. Then when he is pressed Simmons is able to create space with his ball handling skills and drain a smooth jump shot. On the other hand, instead of draining a jump shot he uses his speed to get points at the rim.

There isn’t much you can do to stop him. When you show him zone he gives up the ball then when he sees man he uses his speed to get to the rim. Thus far this series Ben Simmons has taking advantage of every opportunity.

Next if a team is able to find a defense to stop Simmons then they must face center Joel Embiid. Embiid posted a double-double with fourteen points and twelve rebounds. All these points and rebounds were earned in this physical game.

Then if teams lock Simmons and Embiid down you they sharpshooter J.J. Redick to contain. In this game he lead Philadelphia with twenty-four points. These are the prominent players on the 76ers. These players game elevates their teammates leading this 76ers team to be one of the lethal teams in the playoffs.

They have too many players for opposing teams to defend and if they shut one player down then another teammate elevates their game. However, the one negative about this team is that they are prone to injury. Therefore if they can manage to all stay healthy throughout the playoffs they can advance to the 2018 NBA Finals.

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