2018 National League Standings Projections

The National League has a ton of talented ball clubs in 2018. Perhaps the best two divisions in baseball will be the National League Central and the National League West. Here are the 2018 National League standings projections.

National League East

  • Nationals
  • Mets (Wild Card)
  • Phillies
  • Braves
  • Marlins

The Mets will certainly put up a fight more of a fight than most expect, but in the end the Nationals pitching and offense will carry them away. Max Scherzer and healthy seasons from Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg will be key for the Nats. The young Phillies and Braves will be better than most expect, but they just aren’t quite good enough yet.

National League Central

  • Brewers
  • Cubs (Wild Card)
  • Cardinals
  • Reds
  • Pirates

Yelich and Cain, and maybe a starter? Here come the Brewers! Mark my words, they are going to outlast the Cubs in a division race. Obviously this race will come down to the wire, but I think ultimately the Brewers will talks away with the division. The Cardinals addition of Marcel Ozuna will help them stay close, but not quite close enough.

National League West

  • Dodgers
  • Rockies (Wild Card)
  • Diamondbacks (Wild Card)
  • Giants
  • Padres

The Dodgers are the favorites again, however look out for both the Rockies and D-Backs. The Giants veteran filled ball club won’t be terrible, but it certainly won’t be enough to contend. Eric Hosmer and the youngsters in San Diego will improve this year, however the West is too talented for them to compete.

Wild Card

The Rockies and Diamondbacks are going to be battling it out for second place in the West, and I think whoever gets it will be a Wild Card team. The Mets certainly have the talent to be a WC team if they can stay healthy. The second place team in the NL Central will likely also be one of the WC teams. It will certainly be a fun NL Wild Card race this year.

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